Meet Lisa and Jesse


It started with a simple message on OKCupid:

“Hey Jesse! I’m Lisa. What did you think of the GoT finale?”

Several novel-length messages later, we met for our first date. A year later, we watched the next Game of Thrones finale in the house we live in together.

They say you shouldn’t dip your pen in company ink, but we never played by the rules anyway.

Lisa is WordPress developer who has run her online business, Elembee, for more than four years. Jesse is a podcast and video editor who is striking out on his own with his new business, SoundMind Productions, and also helps Lisa with development projects and video editing for her blog and membership site.

Our lives are a crazy blend of work, life, and love, and we started this podcast to share our journey along the way. Living and working with your significant other isn’t easy, but we believe that if we work together, we can do more than we can alone, and build the kind of life we want to have.

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